Comments from streaming online radio stations, on
Felton Pilate's new solo CD

SmoothSoul Radio
This was the guy! In Con-Funk-Shun Felton was the golden voice. He sounds just as great as ever. This is definitely a fit for my format. Can you send me a copy?

John Marcus
Creative Director

Romance One Radio
I just wanted to let you know that Felton's "Keeping You to Your Promise” has been added to Romance One Radio's current rotation. Great song. Please keep me and my radio station in mind in your future projects.

Ray Anthony Price

Positive Vibes Radio
Thank you for this track from Felton Pilate. This track will fit our smooth urban jazz format and I am placing the song in rotation. Please service us with similar smooth R&B, smooth jazz tracks from your artist. Thank you and best wishes for a prosperous New Year.

Christos Kioni

Smooth and Easy Radio
Thanks you for considering Smooth and Easy to play another one of your artists. I would love to add this single by Felton Pilate to my playlist. I look forward to hearing more of his album, and am especially interested in what the Duet with Janice-Marie Johnson sounds like. This is definitely compatible to my style of airplay and am happy to help in any way I can. With your permission, I will add "Keepin You to Your Promise" to my playlist for immediate airplay. Once again, thank you for considering us as a vehicle.

Brian Jones